Tamper In Surface Preparation

There are several types of coatings available in the market. Some of them are used over concrete floors, walls, roof, etc. These coatings, based on their ingredients, do a variety of functions. While some are used for waterproofing the surface, some others are used to improve thermal efficiency, while still some others are used for keeping the surface cool. Whatever may be their function, in order to apply the coatings, any surface needs to be prepared. This is done either using chemicals or mechanically. The process helps the coating to bind better with the surface. The Tamper, which compacts the surface is perhaps the most important component in surface preparation tools.

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Hand held models

With advancements in technology, sleek models of surface preparation tools are available nowadays. The latest models are hand held pole shaped ones, with the compactor attachment present at the bottom end. These tools are very versatile and can be used in a variety of areas. One of the biggest advantages with this kind of a tamper is that they can be used even in hard to access areas, since they can be carried around easily. The tamper will also ensure that it aggressively carries out the tamping process, while at the same time not damage the substrate below. The tamper is also the first choice when it comes to compaction around areas that have got utility poles, fragile water pipes, wires, etc.

Low vibration for operator comfort

With advancements in technology these days one can find several low vibration models in the market. What this ensures is that the operators hands are not jarred and therefore improve their productivity. This kind of a tamper will also be useful for safe compaction around deep foundations. While the modern-day tamper may work with low vibrations, there is no compromise when it comes to their power. They are mean machines that are the best suited for compaction of concrete surfaces.

Compactor head can be changed

Another major advantage with the pole shaped tamper is that the compactor feet can be changed according to different surfaces. This is one of the reasons why they are such a favourite for highway projects where several types of compacting, such as back filling, compaction of asphalt, compacting close to electric poles, etc., is involved. The compaction head can also be fitted with scrabblers too. In fact, in many of these surface preparation tools can be used both for scrabbling and compacting.